Jul. 30th, 2005

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Peri asked me once how I could be so heartless in the face of another's apparent suffering. How could I be so cold and detached from the plight of others? She was understandably angry at the time and I don't blame her one bit for the sentiment. Come to think of it, Tegan and Sarah Jane have also accused me of being unsympathetic. "Inhuman," to be exact. They forget sometimes that I am not human. While I may appear to be homosapien, I am far from it. I am an alien in more than just physiology, but it's often hard for them to think of me as more than just an eccentric scientist with a rather unusual spacecraft.

That said, I am not without feeling. It pains me to see any single being or civilization made to suffer the cruelties of others, be it Dalek, Cybermen, Sontaran, or home grown terror. But I must keep my emotions under strict control. Especially the truth of how much my companions mean to me; not only their safety but their friendship. There have been too many times that I would have liked nothing better than to comfort them or hug them or confide how important they are to me. Sometimes to my very existence. And while I will, upon rare occasion, demonstrate some affection for them, I refrain from anything that might be considered overly emotional or "human." If my companions were to discover how truly important they are to me, then so, too, might my enemies. And that is a risk I will not take. Not so much for my sake as for those souls brave and adventurous enough to travel with me, and to call me friend.


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