May. 17th, 2005

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One? Just one!? I am over 800 terran years old! Supposing I even believed in an afterlife, which I don't, how can I possibly be expected to pick only one memory of literally millions? It's ludicrous, that's what it is. As if one single moment in time or space could sustain someone of my cosmic experience for the rest of eternity.

Yes, yes, alright! Just for the sake of argument, is it? And yes, I do know what a hypothetical question is!

Supposing, just for the moment, that there actually is some sort of metaphysical an afterlife and I could only take one memory into it, I'd choose the TARDIS. Not just her physical shape and form but the feel of her. We share a connection that goes beyond mere words. And the sound of her. The quiet hum. The dematerialization circuit as we arrive at some new time and destination in the cosmos. That solid, satisfying thump as the central console comes to a rest. And the rooms! The ones that haven't been jetisoned, at any rate. The TARDIS is more than just a collection of console rooms and steerage, you know. So, there you are. That's what I'd take with me. As fond and complete a memory of the old girl as I can conjure. My truest traveling companion and my home.


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