Sep. 30th, 2005

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"Who in the 'ell do you think you are, poking your nose into our affairs?" demanded the Magistrate, his round face flushed with anger as well as the aftermath of having been forced to run several kilometers. "We was fine!" he managed, finally catching his breath. "We was peaceful! Nothing goin' wrong 'ere, til you came along! Now lookit what y've done!"

The Doctor, not the least bit winded, was watching the corridor with sharp blue eyes. If it had been up to him, they'd still be running toward the Citadel. In his experienced opinion, this pause for the Official to catch his breath was not necessarily a wise one. For one thing, he insisted on making the kind of loud, blustery noises that always came with Government office. "I suggest you save your breath for another sprint instead of using it to attract every living thing in the Northern Hemisphere," he said tersely.

"Where do you get off talkin' to me like that?" raged the Magistrate. "What gives you the right to come bargin' in, smart as ya please, and tellin' us how to be living our lives? Why us? Why couldn't you leave well enough alone?"

"Because 'well enough', as you call it, was subjugating your people without their even knowing it," he snapped.

"We know what we're doing! We're not some backwater civilization on a rock in the middle of nowhere! We're a trade planet! We've got commerce! We've got --"

"Problems," said the Doctor. "You've got --"

"OBJECTIVE IS IN SIGHT!" cried an electronic voice that reverberated down the corridor. A metallic eyestalk could be seen coming around the farthest corner. As it saw the two fugitives the voice exclaimed, "DO NOT MOVE! DO NOT MOVE!"

"I suggest we discuss my meddling later." The Doctor began to slowly back away, looking quickly over his shoulder at the next junction. "Right now . . . I suggest that we . . . RUN!" He grabbed the startled Official by the hand and dragged him around the next corner, out of sight.

"STOP! STOP!" shrilled their pursuer. "OR YOU WILL BE EX-TER-MI-NATED!!!"

The Dalek resumed it's relentless pursuit.


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