Mar. 8th, 2005

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If you could change one person's mind about something, who and what would it be?

To this day I'll never know what it was that turned Chancellor -- your pardon, Lord High President Borusa from a defender of the Law to a power-hungry megalomaniac. I suppose it might have been a faulty regeneration. They do happen, you know. Sometimes the mind can't handle the sudden change in appearance, personality, psychology. But Borusa was always so strong! So pompously righteous when it came to keeping Gallifrey and it's traditions sacrosanct. The Borusa I knew in University . . . the Chancellor . . . the President . . . that Borusa would rather die than transgress the Laws of Time!

But something happened. Something changed. And with that change came a lust for power I have seen entirely too often in other races. In other madmen.

If I had only known! If I could only understand what his last regeneration had done to his mind. We are a very long-lived race, we Time Lords. But Borusa thought he deserved more. He deserved immortality. Like every other megalomaniac, he convinced himself it was for the good of all. That the end would justify the means.

Could I have talked sense into him? Kept him from using the Time Scoop and assaulting the Black Tower of Rassilon? Kept him from taking the Ring of Rassilon, and the curse it carried? If I could have spoken to him, just for a few moments!, I might have saved him from an eternity of living hell . . .


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